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What's New:  (Oct 14th)

For those few that have this hair and "Hair Couples" website on their regular rotation of checking every few days or weeks - you are in luck today.  After a long hiatus, I made the time to post 136 photos from the year - 2012 - to our "Cuts and Colors of Mrs PC.  That is the year, that after following Coolbobs and other hair sites I decided to start my own.  And why not, my wife (Mrs Perfect-Cut) has great hair, is very cute and she has over time allowed me to be more and more influential in how her hair is cut and colored.  So in March of 2012 I started  I haven't been a good blog writer of recent but I hope that this mega-posting of all the best photos of 2012 in some small way makes up for it.  We had a great hair year in 2012.  We started the year on the way to a A-line Bob and PERFECTed it March and even hired a professional photographer to document this great classic haircut.  It was pure and dramatic and Bonnie and Mrs PC did it justice.

But, I'm a "hair shark" in that I always have to be moving and we quickly moved on the tweaks and modifications of the classic A-line Bob such as the "Robyn" version (named after the Sweedish pop singing star with a similar color and cut), we then added a "Fija" notch (named after a hair customer of Theo Knoop) and right before we went on a Caribbean cruise we added a "Blue Spot" for some fun.  So after that we reverted to what we consider Mrs PC's "gold satandard - that is, the haircut that she feels most comfortable in, is easy to style and keep up and is most flattering on her - the "boy-cut" - or as some people call it a "pixie" or "wedge".

I, more than ever, would like to here form you in comments that you can leave on my most recent Blog posting (Squarespace5 does not have comments on Galleries) Two Dates.

Also, since Coolbobs is a bit slow please consider this your second home for general short hair posting and musings - like how about that Miley Cyrus? and when is Tina Fey going "go short"?

Sorry for being so absent for so long but life interferes some time.





What's New:  (Jun 24th)

Here's my next installment of catching us up to the present.  In March, we were back to see Bonnie - take a look at our new Gallery MAR '13 COLOR AND CUT and share your comments with us.

What's New:  (Jun 13th)

I've made time to get one of my cutest videos ever up on YouTube and inserted it and some great photos of Mrs Perfect-Cut "in-the-wild" from TWO DATES that we out on in February 2013.  Take a look and let me know what you think in the Comments section.

What's New:  (Jun 7th)

Today I have a Gallery of 28 before, during and a few after photos of our VALENTINES DAY 2013 CUT.  Notice the "refinement" photos that we had Bonnie do even after she complted the cut - a higher nape and softening a "corner".



I want this Blog to be more than just me posting our stories and photos.  I would like to include blog post and topics of interest to me and hopefully to some of you "hairheads" - that is all of us (mostly guys but also some women that have an unusually intense interest short female haircuts and color).

The site will be most successful if we have plenty of (polite) discussion. My inspiration for this blog is CoolBobs where everyone that regularly comments are all on their best behavior.  It was his Blog ( that encouraged me to start this effort.

I have chosen to include Mrs PC's face in these photos in part because how a haircut looks from the front is part of the appreciation I have for great haircuts.  I could have tried to block out her face or only post side and rear photos but that would be leaving out what I consider the best part of great haircuts.

I would appreciate if visitors would respect our privacy and our sharing by NOT posting any of these photos anywhere else on the net.